Knowing what raises your auto insurance can help you get the best rates.

Unexpected things that can raise your car insurance

June 24th, 2016 by

Knowing what raises your auto insurance can help you get the best rates.

Everyone wants the best rates possible when it comes to auto insurance. There are a number of factors that can lower your rates, but there are also many things that can raise them as well. Take a look below to find out some unexpected factors that could raise your car insurance:

Credit score 
Your credit score effects many areas of your life. One of the most noticeable areas is your automobile insurance. According to Kiplinger, insurance companies have found a correlation between credit scores and the likelihood that someone will have an accident. Those with higher credit scores are less likely to get in an accident than those with lower credit scores.  A low credit score could mean you will end up paying more on your auto insurance rates.

Vehicle owners should be aware that horsepower effects insurance. Most people assume that a luxury car will often have higher rates than an economy car. However, this isn't always the case. Less expensive cars with higher horsepower often carry higher auto insurance rates. 

Marital status 
Are you married or single? While it may seem odd that your marital status could effect your auto insurance, this is not uncommon.  Married people often get better insurance rates than single individuals. Moreover, if married people get into an accident, there rates will go up less than if they were single.

Education levels 
Want some ROI from your degree? Consider applying it toward your auto insurance. Kiplinger reported that the higher your education level, the lower rates you receive. Certain degrees  – such as teaching – could lead to discounts, as well. 

For those who own a car, auto insurance is a necessary part of life. Being aware of factors that can raise your rates  will keep your insurance at an affordable level. Additionally, you can visit Fundy Mutual to see our highly competitive rates.