Use proper documentation to optimize your home insurance

July 10th, 2014 by admin

Managing your homeowners insurance and getting the right coverage requires, at its core, proper documentation at a number of levels. From the day a policy quote is received, homeowners should take a full inventory of their home and belongings, tracking receipts and filing all of this to optimize their insurance premium and coverage. When that policy comes into play, whether because of a fire, storm or other disaster, taking photos and fully documenting the event in turn will also be essential to get the right payout, replace your belongings and repair your home.

With documentation at the center of getting the right home insurance in Hampton and other areas of New Brunswick, homeowners need to consider several steps to optimizing their policies, getting the right rate and deductible and coming out ahead should a crisis occur.

According to WKBT News8000, taking photos of damage after a storm or other disaster is one of the most important steps to take. This will facilitate a swift response from your insurance agent, while fully documenting the extent of damage before performing cleanup — another essential step that helps reduce the risk of further accidents.

"If you're capable of doing it, you have branches around, just make sure you get as much debris cleared up [after a storm] so you prevent additional fire hazards and tripping hazards and things like that," Kerri Bandell, an insurance agent, told the news source.

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