Water damage: What next?

August 28th, 2015 by admin

Whether its from the pounding rain of a late summer thunderstorm or a stubborn ice dam this winter, water can deal serious damage to your home or possessions if it finds its way into places it shouldn't be. While you'll likely be devastated when you find the water, there are some steps you can take to limit the damage right away. 

Be careful with electrical equipment

First and foremost, no matter what kind of damage control you're engaged in, do not use electrical equipment or appliances while you're standing on a wet floor. Even if you can find a dry area on which to stand, don't use any electrical equipment that has been damaged by water. You could risk shorting out the equipment, starting an electrical fire or injuring yourself. 

Find the leak

If possible, track down the source of the leak so that you can stop it. If the water is coming from a pipe, look for a shut-off valve. If it's coming through the roof or windows, you can use plastic sheeting or tarps to temporarily cover the source of water and stop it from doing further damage.

Take stock of the damage

To make your claims process easier, take photos and videos of the damaged area, saving damaged items so your claims inspector can inspect them. Also, be sure to save the receipts from any claim-related bills, including materials for any temporary repairs you may have to make. 

Call a professional

It is crucial not to leave any affected areas wet after a leak, as they could provide a perfect environment for mold or mildew to grow. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to identify every area that got wet. After you report your claim, call a professional water mitigation specialist. Not only will they be able to better determine if there is any damage hidden behind the walls, but they will be able to treat affected areas so that mold and bacteria cannot grow there. This is especially important because bacteria can grow in water that has been standing for as little as 24 hours. Your insurance adjuster may be able to recommend a specialist. 

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