Ways to lower your home insurance premiums: Part 2

September 9th, 2014 by admin

In a previous post, we offered five suggestions that can lower your home insurance premiums. Here are four additional methods for decreasing home insurance costs, compiled from Rob Carrick's article for The Globe and Mail.

  • Make sure you have the right amount of coverage: A good way to determine whether you have the right level of coverage is by keeping records of what you own. Doing this ensures that your provider is able to replace your items. "Another benefit of knowing what you own is that you may discover you have more coverage than you need for your possessions and thus can get by with a lower amount of coverage that can lower your premiums," Carrick writes.
  • Consider your history of claims: Homeowners with claims-free histories are often eligible for discounts. 
  • Consider whether you need broad or basic coverage: If you live in an area not prone to sewer backup or other severe weather, you may not need comprehensive coverage. Home insurance brokers can help you assess the level of coverage suited to your needs. 
  • Do not cancel your coverage entirely: Given the risks of fire or water damage, not to mention the liability for someone injured on your property, forgoing home insurance is not an option. One industry expert even calls the notion of going without home insurance "totally reckless." In addition, if you let your policy lapse, your premiums likely will increase.

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