Ways to lower your home insurance premiums

September 9th, 2014 by admin

While home insurance may be one of your larger expenses, Rob Carrick of The Globe and Mail offers tips that can save homeowners money. We have also previously offered other money-saving solutions for home owners

The following are some of Carrick's suggestions:

  • Request a credit check: If you have strong credit rating, consider offering your insurance provider permission to view it since a strong record demonstrates responsibility. 
  • Increase your deductible: Industry experts agree that increasing your deductible is an effective way to reduce premiums. Some suggest raising your deductible as high as $2,500. 
  • Bundle you home and car insurance: You may be able to save 10 percent on your home insurance premium by getting your car insurance from the same provider.
  • Get an alarm system: Installing a home alarm system may also help lower your home insurance premiums. Carrick notes that the alarm system he installed following a break-in helped him get a $100 discount on annual coverage. Make sure that your alarm system is monitored, as these are the most effective.
  • Pay annually: Paying monthly may involve administrative charges. You can avoid these additional fees by opting for annual payments. Carrick suggests that you can set up an online savings account and transfer 1/12th of your premium each month to ensure you have enough to pay your annual premium in one installment. 

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