Several types of storms were predicted for Canada this summer, including tornadoes.

What dangers can Canadian homeowners expect from summer weather?

May 28th, 2015 by admin

Several types of storms were predicted for Canada this summer, including tornadoes.

Even though the winter storms may still be a fresh memory to some Canadians, it is already time to prepare for possible summertime home hazards. Without homeowners insurance, the threats that are particular to the "high summer" months could pose a significant financial strain, so the time it takes to invest in seasonal-specific solutions will be well worth it in the long run.

Here are three examples of regional summer trends in Canada that could be dangers to homeowners. With the right protection, homeowners can mitigate some of the damages they might receive from the following types of storm events:

  • Flash flooding: Since temperatures are rising and snow is melting, the warmer months are an expected time for flood risk to increase. While Accuweather predicts flash flooding in the west, it also said that regions like Manitoba and Winnipeg would experience lower rainfall than usual. Preparing for the specific likelihood of floods in a certain region requires insurance tailored to a property.
  • Tornadoes: Meteorologist Geoff Coulson recently told the CBC that Ontario is "overdue for a tornado" as intense as the F-4 storms that struck in 1985. He added that the changing heat and humidity conditions in May create the prime atmosphere for thunderstorms. Residents should anticipate possible damages by moving their valuables to a safe place within the house that isn't likely to be damaged.
  • Wildfires: The Toronto Sun reported earlier this month on a wildfire that grew to encompass thousands of hectares in British Columbia. While the article did not report any structural damage, it did note that 80 residents were evacuated.

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