What you didn’t know your homeowners insurance could cover Part 2 [Video]

September 30th, 2015 by admin

Hello, and welcome back!

While you may be familiar with the more common ways homeowners insurance protects you and your family, you may actually be covered you for much more than you realize. 

For example, if your home loses power, your refrigerator and freezer can warm up, allowing the food inside to spoil. It can be expensive to replace all of these goods, especially if you recently went grocery shopping.

Fortunately, your homeowners insurance policy may cover that! All policies vary, however, so be sure to check with your insurance company to make sure you are protected. Having a thorough knowledge of your coverage is the best way to get the maximum value out of it.

Thank you for watching! Be sure to check back soon to find out even more ways you can get the most out of your homeowners insurance.