Here are some signs that it is time for new roof shingles.

When Is It Time For New Roof Tiles?

December 15th, 2016 by

Here are some signs that it is time for new roof shingles.

Your roof protects you from a lot, and it can take a beating from harsh weather for many years. But roofing shingles don't last forever. If you've lived in your home for many years – or if you recently purchased an older home that hasn't received as much upkeep as it should have – then you may need to consider getting your roofing tiles replaced.

But how do you know when it's time? Luckily, you don't have to be an expert to spot the warning signs. Here are a few easy ways to tell whether it might be time to call in a professional:

  • It's been about 20-25 years since your last roof work. Roof shingles have a finite life span. If it's been more than two decades since the last time you got the shingles replaced, they could be wearing away and their effectiveness will be much lower than it should. If you're buying a home that isn't new, it's important to find out when roof work was last done.
  • The shingles are visibly curling. If you don't know how old your current roof is, there's another way to determine its condition. Look to see if individual shingles are starting to curl. If this becomes severe it could lead to leaks in wet weather. The more curling there is, the closer you are to needing new shingles.
  • Shingles are missing or crumbling. Sometimes, roofs don't wear in a uniform pattern. Some parts may look fine, while others may have missing or cracked shingles, which could lead to moisture problems in your home. Also keep an eye on your gutters, as bits of shingle may flow into them, causing blockages. 

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