If you're having trouble driving in the snow, you might need winter tires.

Why You Should Get Winter Tires

December 21st, 2016 by

If you're having trouble driving in the snow, you might need winter tires.

Having trouble maintaining traction in the snow? The problem might not be your car or your driving habits. It could simply be that you're using the wrong kind of tires.

A lot of drivers seem to think they can get by in the winter with the same set of all-season tires that they drove on during the rest of the year. But winters are rough in Canada, you will almost certainly need specialized equipment if you want to stay safe while on the road.

Here are some reasons why winter tires are superior to year-round equipment when there is snow on the ground:

  • Softer rubber for better traction. In snowy and icy conditions, having as much grip as possible is crucial. The softer rubber employed in winter tires makes it easier to maintain control.
  • Better tread patterns. The treads on winter tires offer additional grip and markedly decrease stopping distance. It can mean the difference between safety and an accident.
  • Still drive well on pavement. Years ago, driving winter tires on anything other than snow would wear them out far too quickly. Today's tires, however, are designed to be just as capable on snowless pavement. You wouldn't want to drive on them during the summer, but when it's cold out that special rubber can still offer a good grip.

Even if your car has four-wheel drive, it is still recommended that you install winter tires for the best performance.

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