Will your insurance protect you from these Halloween hazards?

October 26th, 2015 by admin

Turning ordinary pumpkins into Jack-o'-lanterns and children to ghouls and pirates, Halloween has always had a special transformative power. While most of these transfigurations are harmless fun, however, Halloween festivities can also conjure up some unique safety risks. Luckily, standard auto & home insurance policies protect against some of the most common Halloween-related mishaps. To keep your home safe, both for yourself and your trick-or-treaters, watch out for these hazards this Halloween:


This year, try illuminating your Jack-o'-lanterns with battery powered lights instead of candles to reduce the risk of fire. If you do light candles, make sure to keep matches or lighters out of reach of children. In the event that your decorations do cause a fire, your homeowners insurance will likely cover it. Plus, if the fire makes your home unlivable, your policy could pay for alternate living arrangements while you wait for repairs.


Little ones in long costumes can easily trip and fall on dark walkways cluttered with decorations. Be sure to keep your walkway clear of anything a running child might trip on, and illuminate paths as best you can to keep kids safe. If a trick-or-treater or party guest is injured on your property, having homeowner liability on your policy will keep you protected.

Automobile accidents

With so many people running door-to-door during low-visibility evening hours, driving on Halloween is especially perilous. Try to plan your driving before dusk or after trick-or-treaters have gone to bed. If you have to go out in the evening, drive slowly and be ready for unexpected pedestrian traffic. If you get into an accident trying to avoid a trick-or-treater, the collision portion of your auto insurance would protect you. If anyone was hurt in the incident, the liability portion of your auto insurance would cover the cost of their treatment.

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